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Jenifer Shapiro

About Jenifer ‘Satya’ Shapiro

I’ve been a sensitive to energy and also an intuitive on many levels since I was born.

When you are born this way instead of acquiring it, it offers a different perspective.  For me, I started out finding ways to take care of myself differently than those around me. It has always been natural for me to honor my sensitivities and listen to them, even if they don’t always make cognitive sense in the moment, or ever really.  When we listen deeply to our own intuition and tune out the world, our heart speaks and it’s clarity is enough when we choose to trust it.

When I decided to become a professional healer/coach/counselor, I found ways to incorporate my sensitivities into my work.  I trained in over 15 methods and offered the best I could from each for my clients. I found by using my gifts of sensitivities I was able to offer a level of service to my clients that heard them on a different level from most.  As I chose to be a healer, I also needed to learn to keep my own energy and intuitive gifts clear by doing regular practices to build and empower my vital force and also to honor when I needed a break.

This balance of learning how to hold your own energy, how to clarify it and how to honor when you are feeling depleted and need to rejuvenate, is key to being and empowered sensitive and in my belief system, I feel everyone needs to learn this as our world is getting more and more sensitive, best to learn it now rather.

Back in the 90’s, there were many less sensitives in the world (for more on why I believe there has been a shift, please join us for a class for a more in-depth discussion).  I perhaps worked with 2-3 per year my first several years in full-time practice.  Today, that has changed dramatically and at least half of my clients are sensitive on some level and/or in some way.

One unfortunate thing in our society is that sensitivity is often seen as a weakness, illness and something to be ignored hoping it will go away.  There is POWER in sensitivity when you learn what it means for you and how to integrate it on your path.

This site, my Living Sensitive programs and offerings were all created to help people become empowering with their sensitivity.  Yes, sometimes that means the sensitivity changes or heals (especially in chemical sensitivities), other times, it means learning to use it to your advantage (especially in energetic sensitives).

Life is meant to be embraced in all it’s unusual aspects.  I encourage you to learn how to LIVE again, if you would like a partner in that journey with someone who has been there and lives there empowered, join me.  I ensure you, there will be abundant laughter, healing, truth and self-love along the way

Blessings, Jenifer Shapiro


Sensitivity as a Gift.

In our culture, it’s too common to treat something different as weird or unnatural.

Today’s world is full of chemicals, EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), foods, and energies that we have never seen at the level they are today.

It’s NATURAL for our bodies – energetic and physical – to create a new language. We need to learn to speak this language and those who are considered HESP’s today, are the teachers of tomorrow.

Jenifer Shapiro