Integrative Healing Services for Individuals

Helping HESP's find their paths to healing, empowerment and fulfilling lives.

As an alternative healing practitioner and a sensitive myself, I have found classical homeopathy, at times supplements, food changes, NLP, empowered sensitive-based coaching/counseling, trauma release work (especially for those who increased sensitivity following a traumatic experience) and shamanic healing work to be the most effective for sensitive clients and provide the following services for sensitives.

The type of work I offer depended on the unique case, here are a few examples that may offer a bit on how I work and if it feels like what you need or desire.

See more on my holistic care here and here.  See more on trauma work here.

Example of assistance with chemical sensitivity:

A client of mine that we will call Liza contacted me with a case of severe chemical sensitivity. Liza was sensitive to almost everything that she touched outside of the home. If it had any chemical on it she would break out in hives.

Liza believe that she became chemically sensitive after working in airport for many years where between the chemical exposure, lack of good air, and high levels of EMF her system became overloaded I could no longer respond in normal ways.

By the time Liza came to me she had been housebound for over a year. She ordered most of her food, had her husband pick things up for her at stores and did not leave the house in general other than two at times go into nature.

Due to the situation my intake included a nutritional intake, past health history, any traumas, any history of sensitivity be it asthma, skin rashes or others, and her family health history to look for any genetic code that could have given her a predisposition such as lupus or polio.

Ultimately we decided to treat  Liza with a combination of homeopathic treatment, dietary changes, energy practices that I taught her to do for herself, changes to the products she was using at home – while they claimed holistic many of them had fillers that were less than optimal, and changes to her sleep environment as well.   I also taught Liza how to alleviate reactions through certain protocols and how to use acute homeopathic care as needed if she felt a reaction coming.

After a few months her sensitivity level was much improved, she could leave the house without fear and felt empowered to go forward.  We continued with limited care through counseling and checkins for a while until she felt she could go forth without assistance.

Example of intuitive sensitivity:

Charlie was a young man who after a head trauma in an automobile accident found himself able to have certain sensitivities intuitively. At first his intuition was quite scary for him. Partly because he didn’t know if he was hallucinating and partly because he wasn’t sure what to do with it. When Charlie started with me in the first thing that I did was scan him for abilities. I also used my intuitive capabilities to scan his fields for any broken areas and/or any entities/spiritual guides, etc. who might be wanting to communicate with him.

Over the course of several months I taught Charlie how to use his intuitive capabilities and learn to communicate in certain ways that allowed him to feel more empowered with his gifts. We also discussed how to set healthy boundaries and helped him to realize that he didn’t need to talk to everyone in his life about his gifts if intuitively he felt that doing so could cause harm to anyone including himself Charlie and I continue to work together every month or so just to catch up on what’s going on for him and see if anything new has come up. Now that he’s feeling much more empowered with his gifts our relationship has become one more of mentorship and, as a born intuitive myself, it’s always an honor for me to work with new intuitive’s.


Example of sensitivity with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder):

Sarah developed her sensitivities after a traumatic event that shook up her world and her nervous system. Sarah barely escaped the 9/11 attacks in New York City and watched someone she new die that day.  After that day she was also a single mother and the effects of all of this left her feeling overwhelmed and shattered.

Sarah was referred to me by a colleague who knew I was helping victims of 9/11 with trauma work. When she walked into my office the first thing that I noticed what she was extremely sensitive to noise. As she told me her story I was moved by just how strong this woman was. She was clearly in PTSD and at the same time, she was taking care of her young son who missed his father (who also died in 9/11 attacks) all on her own for the first time.

She was also pretty new to the city and from a town that was much quieter. Because she had a job in New York City and her son was in school there with friends now she didn’t feel she could leave right away even though she desperately wanted to do so. One aspect of PTSD that can occur for individuals is the feeling of being trapped.  Sarah was definitely feeling trapped in her life and in NYC.

At the end of the first session it was clear to me that I needed to give her something to calm her nervous system and help her with the PTSD. I gave her a homeopathic remedy which she started right away and which helped her feel like she ‘came back into herself for the first time since 9/11’. Once she felt more like herself we talked about doing trauma release work to help her move past what had occurred and determine her plan for what comes next.

I worked with Sarah regularly for 3 months and during that time we did a lot of work together on the trauma release,  and explored how to honor her needs to get out of the city along with honoring her son’s needs to have friends and be in a school he felt safe in.   Sarah and her son now live in New Jersey from time to time she’ll contact me for an individual session.  She’s remarried and no longer very sensitive, just compassionate to her own needs and those of others in general.  She also feels this experience helped her to better understand that people can carry trauma and feels it’s made her a kinder individual in all areas of her life.

Electromagnetic Frequency Sensitivity

Joshua came to me with severe EMF sensitivity. He chose not to come to my office because he lived off grid and we did our sessions via skype only.

Like so many others Joshua became EMF sensitive after being exposed to a wall of Smart Meters outside his condo.  His bed had been on the other side of the wall and after a couple of months, his system ‘went into overdrive and couldn’t come back from it’. Once Joshua had realized what was going on he immediately left the apartment yet he was having a hard time finding a place to live where he felt safe. He found a tiny house off grid where he was able to escape to for a few months and contacted me to help him balance his system so that he could ‘live in the world again’.

The first thing that I noticed with Joshua is that he had a severe form of nystagmus and his speech was slightly slurred. Joshua had already been to a neurologist and had several scans done and was certain of no brain trauma however I felt like something had happened to his nervous system on a deeper level. I asked to review his blood tests as he had  recent panel’s done and a few things stuck out to me so I had a few additional tests run and we realized that he had an underlying condition that was making his sensitivity worse.

Joshua chose to do homeopathic treatment for the symptoms and condition and we slowly started to get his system back to some level of balance. In addition to the Homeopathy I also had Josh would take a few supplements and do daily jin shin and acupressure practices to stabilize his system.  We didn’t do breathing practices as his system was too sensitive and he would hyperventilate.  I did also teach him to meditate which he found very helpful for his moods.

Eventually, once we had him feeling more balanced, we were able to help Joshua find a location that was close enough to town while still giving him some feeling of balance. One thing Joshua realized is that even before the incident he probably was sensitive to a EMF as he had gotten headaches using cell phones, couldn’t have technology on in his car if the windows were down without feeling jittery, etc.

Joshua now feels like an empowered sensitive in that he has the tools he needs to bring his system back to balance if he feels like he veers off due to too much EMF. He also feels like he understands what types of the electromagnetics give him issues so he can be conscious not to do too much.  We still work together at times however Joshua is self-sufficient nowadays.

These are just some of the types of cases I work with around sensitivities.

Feel free to contact me to see if what you are dealing with is something I feel I can help with.

AFTER 5 YEARS OF AGONY, I AM FINALLY HUMAN AGAIN!  In 2009 I went on a sort of pilgrimage to India.  I stayed in places that were less than clean and ate food as I was given, never thinking twice about getting sick.  Then I got deathly ill, I returned to the US broken and sicker than I thought I could be, I was allergic to everything.  I’d been 23 and healthy when I left, I came home a completely different person.

I met Jenifer after trying endless allopathic doctors and various healers.  To be honest, I had lost any hope of getting better and was waiting to die when I met her.  Jenifer did something no one had before, she got honest, quick.  She told me exactly what she saw, not only in my gut but in my mind and field and without my saying much, she read me completely and I sat up and decided to listen.  It was like I was being given a second chance at life.

It took several month of rebounding my immune system, digestive system, brain and skin and now I finally have turned a corner.  I feel strong enough to believe in life again.  I look back and am honestly amazed she stuck with me like she did.  I truly believe her unfailing belief I could and would heal gave me the strength to move forward.

Andrew K., Kansas City, MO, Age 28

Sensitivity as a Gift.

In our culture, it’s too common to treat something different as weird or unnatural. Today’s world is full of chemicals, EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), foods, and energies that we have never seen at the level they are today. It’s NATURAL for our bodies – energetic and physical – to create a new language. We need to learn to speak this language and those who are considered HESP’s today, are the teachers of tomorrow.

Jenifer Shapiro, excerpt from the book Living as a Highly Empowered Sensitive Person