On Sensitivity

What is a Highly Empowered Sensitive?

310166_249996131708691_620071793_nThe term highly sensitive person has become very popular in recent years. What I’m going to offer here is my belief system and how I define a highly sensitive person.

Please note that I may differ in my belief system from what other authors write, however, there really is no one right way to discuss a sensitive and we are still learning what sensitivity means for us and individuals.

I believe a person who has sensitivity to something has a heightened awareness or a heightened state that is caused by interaction with/ to certain internal and/or external stimuli. In my experience people can have sensitivities in many, many different ways and therefore the label of being a highly sensitive person can at times feel restricted to people who feel they are different than other people who are sensitive in different ways.

In my classes and in my work I help individuals understand their form of sensitivities first and understand how they came about acquiring the sensitivities that they have. Often just in that learning there’s a change in the amount of sensitivity.

I’d like to be clear that sensitivity is not something that I deem as bad or good. I’ve been an intuitive since I was born and I feel that level of sensitivity has helped me quite a bit in my life. Therefore there’s a difference between healing a sensitivity like a chemical sensitivity or food sensitivity and honing/ learning from a sensitivity like an intuitive sensitivity. This is why each case is different and why in my individual work and classes/ trainings I help people understand their personal situation so they can determine a plan moving forward.

I’d also like to offer that one sensitivity to one person will be experienced differently than by another and some people like being sensitive at a certain level others may not.  This is very important as it’s assumed by many that sensitivities are not worthwhile yet for many, becoming a sensitive is part of what opened up their heart and their world and not something they feel needs to be ‘fixed’, rather, something that needs to be honored.

Living as a sensitive and being judged for it can be a very lonely and isolating experience.  I firmly believe our world is, for various reasons, becoming more sensitive in general.  I’ve often seen clients be ridiculed by a family member for a sensitivity only to find a few years later that family member is now sensitive.  Being sensitive may not be something we choose and it doesn’t need to be something we fear or feel badly about.  We are all unique individuals who have our own needs.  Yes, being sensitive may give you new unique needs AND every person on earth comes with their own unique needs.  Just because we may not have the same needs as someone else, doesn’t mean anyone’s needs are right or wrong.  Honoring your own needs and taking care of yourself while respecting the unique needs of another, that is what empowered love looks like.

I choose every day to do my work from a space of non-judgement so please know that should choose to work together and/ or should you choose to take my classes, your individual situation and your individual choices in that situation will always be honored and respected.

I believe life is a constant experience for us to learn and grow from and the greatest gift that I can give my clients and students is to offer space for them to find themselves and in that place they can then make choices that empower them and open their world and beautiful ways they never imagined.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be trusted by my clients and students to be present as they go to different places within themselves to find out what their path is.  I wish you all the best on your unique path, may you find yourself led on the path of heart, and find self-compassion as you move through your life as a sensitive and/or with sensitives around you.

Many Blessings,