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Classes, Seminars and Events for Highly Sensitive Empowered People

We offer the following types of classes, seminars and trainings.


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Learn how to live empowered as a sensitive individual.

Learn what it means to live as a Sensitive on any and every level. 

This course will cover all types of sensitivities, and how to gain awareness of your personal sensitivities and how to gain empowerment through your unique experiences.  You will learn empowered language and techniques to gain balance through empowered self-care.



Now that you understand your Sensitivities, Learn to Empower Your Gifts.

In our culture, too often we are ashamed of things others don’t yet understand.  See my other courses on energy medicine, boundaries and self-empowerment which will help you move to empowerment with your unique sensitivities and learn to hone them as your gifts and shift into a new state of empowered awareness.  See additional classes here for boundaries, practices for saying no and honoring our needs for preservation of energy, and a daily practice for enhancing your vital force and personal rejuvenation.




Living with a Sensitive Person is a new experience for many people, learn how to make it work for you.

This course is helpful for those living with sensitives, be it your spouse, children, friends or even for those working with sensitive co-workers.  Learn how to enjoy the experience while taking care of yourself and your needs.




This course is for practitioners, doctors and anyone who works with sensitives as clients, patients and partners.

Working with sensitives can be a very rewarding experience when certain core aspects are initially aligned.  Learn to create trust in your relationships and from there build bridges to healing and empowerment for you and your clients.



Learn to prescribe safely for sensitives from homeopathy to herbals to supplements and medicines.

This course is for anyone who prescribes for sensitives, from homeopaths to herbalists to those who prescribe supplements and other medicinals on any level.   Those with sensitivities may also be allowed into the course with certain per-requisites.

For those with sensitivities, taking any product can be challenging and even dangerous, learn to prescribe safely and how to shift prescriptions as needed for individual responses.




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